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Stress can impact your gut health; here’s what you need to know

When it comes to health, its foremost nemesis is stress. You will notice that of the many conditions that plague health, most are caused by stress. Unfortunately, stress has permeated our lives. Among other things, it impacts gut health and in this article, we...

‘Why have we accepted period rash as a way of life?’ Taapsee Pannu’s message on tackling this ‘urgent problem’

At a time when the world has made many advancements in technology, actor Taapsee Pannu rues that not much has been done to better the lives of young girls and women, with respect to their menstrual health and hygiene. She recently shared a video on...

‘Hearing loss can be prevented’: Here’s what you need to know

The number of people with hearing issues has been increasing with a rise in population, said Dr Shelly Chadra, technical lead on hear care, WHO on the eve of World Hearing Day which is observed on March 3 every year. “The ageing population is...

COVID vaccine: Know about the possible side effects

India started the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive on March 1, 2021, for people with co-morbidities and those above 60 years of age. Since there is “no provision of insurance for recipients of coronavirus vaccine against any kind of side-effects or medical...

Kidney care: Some dietary dos and don’ts that cancer patients need to follow

The kidneys are vital organs, flushing out toxins from the system. They are key to keeping the body healthy and clean. As such, if something happens to them, the rest of the body suffers, too. While there are many conditions that could affect the normal...

Are severe bloating and irritability signs of ‘premenstrual dysphoric disorder’? Find out

Most people experience bloating, irritability and mood swings right before their periods. There is also a bit of fatigue, and while the experience may be individually different, the symptoms are more or less common for most. But, did you know that approximately 3 to...

Fruit juices and fruits: What is the best time to have them?

Fruits and fruit juices are considered healthy and hence advised to be consumed as part of one’s daily routine. But one needs to take care of how and when they are consumed for optimum nutritional benefits. This is because fruit juices are high in...

Should you drink water while eating? Here’s what an ayurvedic practitioner says

Lifestyle habits are shaped by one’s routine activities. As per Ayurveda, your dinacharya or routine can make a lot of difference to your way of living, and making minor tweaks can help you tide over health issues over a period of time. One such habit...

Happiness, peace, personal growth top reasons for most Indians to meditate: Survey

A recently-conducted survey found out that the pursuit of happiness, peace, and personal growth are the reasons why most Indians meditate. The survey also shed light on how meditation helps different age groups differently. Peace and happiness top the charts across all age groups –...

Suffering from cold and cough? Have radish for relief

We have often heard how eating local, seasonal, and fresh foods help benefit our health immensely. It not only boosts our immunity but also helps fight seasonal illnesses. One of such locally available winter-favourite vegetables is mooli or radish. The white-coloured vegetable has a...
Tyres Online

The Great Advantages of Shopping for Tyres Online

Are you tired of hopping from one shop to another when looking for your tyres? You have to worry no more as you now...

Pipe Relining: The Future of Pipe Repair in Sydney

The plumbing industry has been thriving for many years in Australia, especially in Sydney, where virtually every home and business has a system of...
Office Chairs

Chair Up! 3 Things to Know While Upgrading Your Office Chairs

Melbourne is a capital located in the Southeastern part of Australia. It is one of the states’ top contributors to the GSP (Gross State...