Advantages Indian Education System over Global Education

Indian Education System

India is rich in its culture, flora & fauna, traditions, languages and geographical disparities. It is also among the world’s oldest civilizations and has contributed significantly towards improving the knowledge world. Right from ancient times, Indians have proved their excellence in diverse fields like physics, mathematics, astronomy, economics, finance and management with time. Several foreign travellers had come to this country during ancient times just to enhance their education and knowledge base. Nalanda, the ancient university established in Gaya is known for its golden history to enrich scholars coming from different corners of the world during the time of Mahavir and Buddha in the 6th century B.C. Indian education system can be stated to have its roots right from ancient times. Today, students appearing ncert solutions class 10 maths can find their math to be useful to pursue higher studies in the field of science.

Current education system                                 

The present Indian education system is influenced heavily by the British education system. Modern education system however, managed to prosper by adopting the British systematic approach. The post-independence era has witnessed significant reforms taking place within the Indian education system to make its standards unique as well as widely adaptable. Independent India during the 21st century is noticed to be a fast-growing economy, globalization and industrialization, thus marching towards becoming an economic superpower. Several world-class educational institutions have been established here since independence. Education standards are found to be at par with some of the best institutions spread across the globe. Some institutions here are quite preferred for their relevant majors. They also have come up with reputed coaching institutes like Cuemath that offer students with ncert solutions class 9 maths.

Holistic approach

With time, the country has managed to develop a holistic education system catering to the individual’s comprehensive development. There seems to be some kind of emotional bond existing between teachers and students in the Indian education system right since ancient times. Of the different education structures practiced in the country, ‘Gurukul’ education system is proven to have excelled over the others. Recently, this education system is being adopted by several frontline education institutions to achieve superior outcomes.

Universities & Institutions

Several reputed schools, colleges, universities and institutions have been established all over the country to provide quality education to those who seek it. Such institutions offer scholars with a wide range of choices to choose from to match their preferences. They also have proved their standards globally. These institutions do boast of providing its students with world-class facility campus including the latest technologies. Students are also offered with life-time opportunity to develop their curricula and education. Indian educational establishments offer qualitative and affordable education to all students, thus making sure everyone including the poor is educated. This is what makes them unique when compared with its competitive counterparts.

Experiments training

Technically, India provides top standard experiment and learning faculty to help students develop their creative personality side. Moreover, the education system emphasizes creating personalities instead of preparing workaholic machines. Hence, with the Indian education system, education value has only enriched every life facet to provide joyful learning at all levels. It is considered to be the rationale behind the development of global leaders having marvellous potential. The truth is such is the standard of the education system here that the country has become a global hub to outsource all forms of business. Global investors seem to be attracted with the low man-hour overheads thereby providing fair opportunities towards futuristic investments. Indian economy currently enjoying international exposure has helped avail of several foreign direct investments. Hence, to meet the growing demand for technical manpower, the Indian education system is devising strategies continuously to offer quality education to students.

Education cost in the country is quite low when compared to developed nations. This also has attracted students from the other developing or underdeveloped nations to come here to pursue their studies.


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