Acer Aspire Nitro 7 Review

Acer Aspire Nitro 7 Review

The Acer Aspire Nitro 7 is a very powerful laptop that comes with some great features. It features Acer’s CoolBoost technology, which increases the speed of the cooling fan by 10%. This laptop also comes with a dedicated Acer Sense Program button on the number pad area. It boots up quickly and programs load quickly, and the 144Hz refresh rate gives you a fluid feel when playing games. The Nitro 7 also runs very quietly and doesn’t get hot even when it’s idle. Moreover, gaming on the Nitro 7 was quite good, with plenty of graphics and good color fidelity.

Acer Aspire Nitro 7 AN715-51

The Acer Nitro 7 AN715-51 is a 15.6-inch, Full HD IPS Thin and Light Gaming Laptop that comes with an Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and up to 8 GB of RAM. It also comes with MS Office and a 256GB SSD. In terms of pricing, it retails for between Rs 67,368 and Rs 92,990.

The Acer Nitro 7 AN715-51 runs quietly when idle and is quite cool when you are doing intensive work. Its exhaust fan does get quite loud when you’re editing video, but other than that, the computer is no different than most slim, light laptops.

This gaming laptop is built for casual gaming, but its price is a bit higher than the Acer Nitro 5. The Acer Nitro 7 has updated hardware to make it a better all-round laptop. It boasts the latest Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics. It also has a choice of a 60Hz or 144Hz screen.

The Aspire Nitro 7 AN715-52 is made by Acer, a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer. The company’s product line includes personal computers, desktops, servers, digital assistants, and storage devices. Acer is now the third largest computer manufacturer in the world, after Dell, Apple, and HP.

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Acer Aspire Nitro 7 specifications

acer aspire nitro 7

The Acer Aspire Nitro 7 has a premium design and plenty of features that make it a worthy gaming laptop. It comes with an all-metal chassis, three drives, and up to nine hours of video-play battery life. However, gaming performance is below par for a laptop for this price. Its GTX 1650 graphics card is no match for the GTX 1660 Ti found in other gaming notebooks. This makes it an average choice for the money, but it does have a touch of class and practicality that makes it a good purchase.

The Acer Nitro 7’s keyboard is very large and comfortable. The keys are full-size, but are squeezed into the main keyboard area. The number pad’s “0” keys are truncated, but the touchpad has a large, red border. The keyboard features an Elan-brand Precision touchpad, which has a matte surface and no dedicated buttons.

The Acer Aspire Nitro 7 has an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and a 512GB PCIe solid-state drive. It also features a backlit keyboard. It is also capable of handling demanding gaming tasks, but falls short when compared to other gaming notebooks with stronger graphics chips.

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Acer Aspire Nitro 7 review

The Acer Aspire Nitro 7 is a gaming laptop that comes packed with the latest hardware. It features a powerful 10th-generation Intel Core i7 mobile processor, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and Geforce RTX 2060 graphics card. This laptop also has a 15.6-inch full HD IPS display with a 144 Hz refresh rate. It has a thin, yet sturdy, chassis and weighs just 2.5kg, making it an excellent choice for those who love gaming.

The Aspire Nitro 7 price is competitive with many other gaming laptops on the market. Its performance is close to the Acer Nitro 5 but lacks a angular design and red accents. It also lacks the NitroSense software that gives gamers access to system monitoring and fan controls. However, the battery life and performance of this laptop make it a great choice for gamers.

When gaming, the Nitro 7 gets pretty hot. The heat from the core isn’t excessive, but it is enough to feel that the machine is straining to keep cool. When idle, the Core I7-9750H runs at only 7 percent and maintains temperatures between 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. Under load, however, the laptop will experience a loss of performance. However, most entry-level users don’t need the full power of the CPU when they’re playing games, so this isn’t a big issue.

Acer Aspire Nitor 7 Physical Look

The Acer Aspire Nitro 7 is a gaming laptop with excellent specs and a tempting price. Unfortunately, the laptop’s design isn’t as impressive as it could be. The pentagonal shape of the base and the jutting lines on the lid give it a slightly dated look. However, the Acer Nitro 7 is functional and comes with a good battery life and decent performance.

The Acer Nitro 7 has three thin heatpipes and Aeroblade fans to keep the components cool. Its thermal design helps keep the overall temperature under 70 degrees Celsius, even when the machine is under heavy load. Compared to other gaming laptops, this notebook is relatively quiet. Even during demanding gaming, the fans were nearly inaudible.

The Acer Nitro 7’s keyboard is a bit on the small side. The keys are padded but don’t have much travel. A row of function keys has been replaced with a single Fn key. The touchpad is big but doesn’t reach the top of the keyboard. Finally, the screen is thin and glossy, but not too thin to be considered a gaming laptop.

As an entry-level gaming laptop, the Acer Nitro 7 isn’t overly impressive. Despite its high-end price, it falls short of gaming laptops with better-equipped GPUs. Nevertheless, the Nitro 7’s solid performance and all-metal chassis are impressive, and its battery life is better than average.

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Acer Aspire Nitro 7 Performance

The Acer Nitro 7 is a 15.6-inch gaming laptop with a matte black finish and brushed aluminum accents. It features an RGB keyboard and a red frame around the clickpad, and the build quality is decent. The front lip and corners of the machine are rounded, and the metal surfaces are easy to clean. Overall, the Acer Nitro 7 offers a powerful experience for the price.

The Acer Nitro 7 is great for gamers and students alike. It has a good cooling system, an inbuilt Nitro sense hot key, and an 8GB DDR4 RAM. It also has a Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB Graphics Card. While the Aspire Nitro 7 may not be able to play the latest games, it’s good for general use and is well-priced at about 700-800 USD.

The Nitro 7 is one of the most expensive gaming laptops available, and while it’s hard to find, it is worth the money. Despite its price tag, it performs well compared to its competitors. While it can’t match the GTX 1660 Ti of the MSI GL63 or the Acer Predator Helios 300, it’s competitive with the performance of rival gaming laptops. However, the high internal and external thermals of the Nitro 7 are a serious issue, and it may affect its long-term reliability.

Acer Aspire Nitro 7 Extra Features

The Acer Nitro 7 is a high-end gaming laptop that is priced under $1,000. It features a large screen, a numpad, and plenty of power to run demanding games. The downside is its aggressive fans and a chassis that gets hot. However, it’s an excellent choice for gamers who need a portable gaming PC.

The Nitro 7 uses a cooling system that uses three thin heatpipes and Aeroblade fans to keep the components cool. This helps to ensure that the laptop doesn’t get too hot, allowing the maximum operating temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. The laptop also has a fan noise reduction option.

This gaming laptop has a decent port selection. It features one USB-A port that supports USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds up to 10Gbps. The other two USB-A ports support only USB 3.2 Gen 1 speeds. The Ethernet port has a maximum speed of 1Gbps. A USB-C port is also included, but can’t be used to charge or connect an external display. USB-C ports are also limited to 500MB/s.

The Acer Nitro 7 features a classy design. Its ports are located on the sides of the notebook, rather than on the top. The backside has the power port and a grill for the ventilation.

Acer Aspire Nitro 7 price

Acer’s Nitro 7 laptop is a blend of premium design and gaming-ready performance. It has an all-metal chassis, three-drive capability, and more than nine hours of video playback battery life. However, its gaming performance falls a bit short of what other premium gaming laptops can offer for the price. The GTX 1650 graphics card, while decent, isn’t up to par with competitors like the MSI GL63 and Acer Predator Helios 300. But if you’re looking for a budget gaming laptop, this Acer laptop might be a good choice.

The Acer Nitro 7 is quite similar to its predecessor, the Nitro 5. The lid is made of metal, while the screen enclosure has a thin plastic frame. It has good performance for a budget laptop, and its keyboard has a high contrast ratio. The Acer Nitro 7’s battery life is good, although it won’t last as long as some high-end ultraportable. It has a 9th-generation Intel Core i7-9750H processor and 8GB DDR4 SDRAM. It also includes a fingerprint scanner.

Despite its high price tag, the Acer Nitro 7 is one of the most compelling laptops in its class. Its Full HD IPS screen and impressive lineup of tech make it a great choice for those who enjoy gaming. The keyboard is comfortable to use, with a decent amount of travel and a full-sized numpad.


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