5 Quick Tips on How to Care for a Cannabis Plant

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With cannabis having legal status in most states, especially for adult use, many people are considering cultivation.

However, growing weed will turn out to be pretty different from the plants you’re used to. You probably want your cannabis plant to flower quickly or grow big and strong. This will demand different levels of care.

In this post, we’ll share with you quick tips to help care for your cannabis plant from its seedling stage to the flowering stage.

1.       Watch Your Watering

Cannabis plants require good watering for healthy growth, but that also depends on the plant’s stage. One of the common challenges, especially for new growers, is correct watering.

You need to learn when your plant needs watering and how much if you want to avoid overwatering and underwatering.

  • Seedling Stage

Marijuana plants in the seedling stage are too delicate, and watering should be done occasionally. Remember, the ideal environment for seedlings is a moist one, not a soggy one. You may want to use a rooting medium that stays moist longer, but misting the seedlings would be ideal too.

  • Vegetative Stage

During this stage, your marijuana plant will be growing taller and denser. Water requirements will increase, and depending on the soil you’re using, you may need to water the plant 1 to 3 times a week.

Regardless of your watering schedule, make a habit of checking the soil with your fingers to ensure the top layer is always moist and not dry.

  • Flowering Stage

During the flowering phase, water needs are dialed up even more. You may need to water your plants 3 to 4 times a week. This, however, may depend on whether you’re using soil cultivation or hydroponic systems.

2.    Apply Nutrients

Whether you’re growing weed indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to use nutrients suited to the setting at some point.

Remember, the outdoor soil has natural nutrients, and under the right circumstances, marijuana plants will grow just fine. But for the sake of quality, using fertilizers is important at different stages of growth.

The general rule is that you shouldn’t add nutrients to seedlings because doing that may harm the delicate plant. It’s best to begin using fertilizer during the vegetative phase.

Bloom nutrients“, potassium, and phosphorus are ideal for boosting bud production during the early vegetative stage.

Nitrogen is also a good mineral for overall development as it aids with sunlight absorption.

3.    Don’t Forget to Prune

Proper pruning is necessary for better growth. You want to remove buds that are not healthy to make room for larger and healthier ones.

A lot has to do with the strain you’re cultivating. So if your plant is a strain that grows wild with many leaves, pruning is essential to allow sufficient air and sunlight into the plant.

You want to begin pruning during the vegetative stage when the plant is more focused on growth. When pruning, focus on areas that receive less sunlight to encourage flowering on the outermost areas.

4.   Adjust The Lighting

Cannabis plants need sufficient light. If you’re growing them outside, the sunlight will take care of things for you, provided the elements are in your favor because you won’t have much control outdoors.

However, indoor cultivation with grow lights gives you more control over the amount of light your plants receive, which usually translates to better yield.

Remember, there are all types of grow lights on the market, and you’ll need to adjust lighting needs to cater to the different stages of your plants. For instance, vegetative and flowering stages have varying lighting needs that you’ll need to keep in mind.

5.   Proper Storage

Taking care of your marijuana plant doesn’t end with harvesting because there’s still more to do.

Considering the hard work that goes into producing a good yield, you want to care for the ultimate result, the cannabis flower, by providing proper storage. If you overlook storage needs, you may end up exposing your stash to the elements, which can easily affect its quality, potency, and flavor.

Veriheal has more info on the proper storage of cannabis flowers to keep them fresh for much longer.


Like any other plant, cannabis has its demands, making cultivation seem harder than it really is. The thing is, you can always grow weed without much effort. But if you give your plant the care it needs, the result will be healthy growth and excellent yield.


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