5 Benefits of DBT Cloud for Data Teams and Analytics Engineers

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The world of technology has made our lives all better. That means that not only can your business thrive with technologies like dbt cloud, but also make it easier for your teams to thrive.

What is dbt cloud? It stands for data build tool and is a part of your stack that comes with a cloud infrastructure. It is not only an innovative way to collect and store data but allows you to utilize your data like never before.

To put it into the most basic of terms, dbt is a tool that is designed to help you schedule your operations better and optimize your data to be forward-thinking as we go into the next decade of technological advancement.

For those that are not quite sure why dbt cloud matters or why it is in fact so revolutionary, then look no further than here. We have rounded up all the top reasons why it is changing the game for analytical engineers and companies in all industries that rely on data for their success.

The core of dbt cloud allows for the combination of an IDE, a scheduler, document storage and more that can all easily be opened by various teams—and is the SaaS component that supports your technology stack. 

1. Enhances the Development Loop

Having a faster development loop is going to help you will all projects. Models are going to get built on your computer and dbt allows you to create a line that compiles it all. This eans that you can get faster data groups that will ultimately help you create models for future reports. This makes it especially easy for your data engineers to do their job in an impactful and future-proof way.

In fact, the development to results loop is so fast it can feel like you’re pretty much getting live results. Dbt is great because it can actually reduce any friction in the process and supports the IDE in compiling a data set and getting it to your data warehouse—all of which takes place before your eyes on your computer screen and on the same tab!

Seeing data sets in real-time helps you further enhance your data models and ultimately makes your results more comprehensive and useful.

2. Offers Unique Editing Ability

While the IDE is designed to do one job really well—which is to write your dbt code—sometimes you need to have the flexibility to edit or adapt with ease. The dbt allows you to easily customize the code without having to start all over again.

This really closes the loop too as it will also make it so much easier to deal with a range of files like YAML. It allows you to easily check your work, find any bugs and not feel overwhelmed when you are trying to deal with 50-plus lines of code.

3. Easy Automation

It is great when something simply does as it is told and makes it so that there is one less thing to worry about. DBT allows you to utilize the orchestration tool that can create a workflow schedule that is both robust and seamless.

DBT will be able to always get you the most up-to-date schedule and get it to your data warehouse, along with double-checking it for accuracy. In fact, if it flags something that may be off, you will get a notification to go and check to ensure all is looking okay.

DBT also supports enhancing your confidence in your data-driven projects. It also makes it so much easier to add another data model without having to ever start completely over again. This is extremely beneficial because it both reduces time in adaptations while also providing supportive means to analytical engineers. It is both straightforward and easily deployable. A win-win!

4. Have a Hosted Document Site

DBT will provide you with a document view that is already built-in and helps really drive a whole range of projects. This component allows you to develop it yourself and run commands that keep your documents centralized in the overarching data warehouse.

But it doesn’t just stop with you. Multiple teams can have access to this which makes it better for anyone who needs data for any report. Best of all, it is set up in a way that ensures the logistical setup and the security of the documentation are all secure.

5. Supports Your Data Stack

Data stacks are becoming more evolved and dbt helps ensure it all remains connected. Your data will be able to move from the warehouse and be transformed for various dashboards and even operational tools your business uses. Enhancing your own special workflow with dbt is a huge game-changer.


For all these reasons and more, why not get dbt cloud integrated into your company today?


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