4 Ways Information Can Increase Your Online Income

4 Ways Information Can Increase Your Online Income
4 Ways Information Can Increase Your Online Income

Even though all sorts of products and services are sold online, ‘information’ will always remain a top seller. (It’s one of the top 3 reasons why people even use the Internet and ways to increase your online income.)

 You can profit from this never ending need for data, by following these four steps:

 1) Sell Your Original Articles as Content.

Owners of niche-based Web sites are often on the lookout for up-to-date articles, to feature on their Web homes. You can generate a steady flow of business, if you tackle this market the right way.

 Don’t try to sell your brain food to just any and every targeted Web site owner. You want to look for sites that generate a lot of traffic – like 2,000 to 5,000 visitors per day. These are normally revenue producing sites, and their owners can afford to spend a little money to keep them in top-notch condition.

 To find out how many visitors a site is receiving, go to their advertising sales page. There, you’ll usually find a rundown of important demographic info.

 When it comes to making the initial contact, I wouldn’t recommend sending your marketing brochure via e-mail. Instead, put together a direct mail package featuring a list of topics you can write about, samples of your work and a list of other sites where your work has appeared.

 2) Collect Similar Information, and Compile It Into a Database/Directory.

 I have a directory that I include as a bonus item with one of my eBooks titled, “186 Places to Promote and Sell Your Information Product.” This is very valuable data for people who sell books, booklets, video tapes, etc., on the Internet. (If you’ve ever tried searching for such locations, then you already know what a time consuming process it can be.)

Depending on your niche, you can build a similar type of directory or database geared towards your target market. For example, new artists coming on the Net would be interested in a directory called, “101 Web Sites Where You Can Promote and Sell Your Art.” There are too many starving artists for this NOT to be a bestseller!

 3) Sell Other Peoples Information Products.

 There are many people who have created audio tapes, video tapes, booklets, and the such, who basically just sell their infoproducts via their own Web site.

 Locate these people within your niche. Contact them via e‑mail about setting up a joint venture where you sell their infoproducts on your Web site, (or through your e‑zine), for 40%-50% of the profits. Nine times out of ten, they will  say yes.

 Plus, this is a better alternative than selling via an affiliate program, because you’re not

 competing against 50,000 other resellers.

 4) Give It Away as a Premium Item.

 Jim Daniels, owner of BizWeb2000, recently published a new e‑book. He’s allowing other Webmasters to give the eBook away on their Web sites, for free.

 It’s a good deal for the Webmasters, because they get interesting content. Plus, Jim gets tons of free publicity from all those sites giving away his eBook.

 You can develop a similar type of information product by taking 10 or so articles that you’ve written, and compiling them into an eBooks. Once it’s created, put up a special page on your Web site where site owners can download it. You can also offer banners, and Web site copy, for them to use as well.

 If 10 site owners agree to distribute your e‑book, and 10 people download it from each site everyday, you’ll have exposed  your marketing message to 100 potential customers on a daily basis.


If you want to increase your online income then you can follow the above points and if you have anything to share your tips and tricks then you can free to comment down.


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