3 Tips to Buy Your First Motorcycle

First Motorcycle

3 Tips to Buy Your First Motorcycle

We have all gone through the trance of looking for our first bike. The illusion, the money available, the heart, the reason, etc. Everything is mixed and there are moments that making a decision without going crazy seems impossible. We have all dreamed of supercars, big trail bikes, impressive naked …

But let’s not fool ourselves: our first motorcycle should be the one that makes life easy for us, the one that doesn’t make us bitter with eternal payments to the bank, the one with the least bulky maintenance bills and, finally, the one that we need the most.

You can have enough money to buy a motorcycle, but keep in mind that you also need enough money to maintain it: repairs, reviews, insurance, taxes. Even if you may have strength, but perhaps you may lack height.

Though you may have skill, but you may still lack experience. Playing with your first motorcycle is not the best idea: you have to choose it and make a purchase decision your head.

That is why a few tips will help you, although we know that the hot blood that runs through your veins will be able to more. Think about it and reconsider with the pillow, what the English would say.

Take advantage of doffers for model change

Having the latest model of motorcycle is not necessary, when it comes to choosing your first model. It is a hobby that we have and that in many occasions means losing a succulent discount. Brands usually make discounts for changing the model that can be a good pinch. In addition, the veteran model is sure that he will not have habitual youth problems, so you buy a motorcycle with which you will surely not have to use the guarantee. Be on the lookout for campaigns from manufacturers or dealers.

If it is a 125 cc, think about buying one with ABS

Current regulations require 125 cc motorcycles to be equipped with an advanced braking system, combined braking or ABS. We recommend that you buy a 125 cc with ABS due to the enormous advantages it offers compared to a simple combined braking system, even if the price of the version with ABS is higher. You gain a lot in security.

Especially in the city, which is where your motorcycle will spend most of its life, an ABS can save you from a fall. Manhole covers, crosswalks, and diesel stains are slippery, and if they’re wet on top, they’re like ice – you hit the brake and you’re on the ground. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of an ABS in these conditions.

Equip yourself

Equip yourself well. The ‘coachmen’ (and your grandmother) say that ‘on the motorcycle, the bodywork is you’, and they are right. The equipment should be an essential part of your budget when buying a motorcycle.

Even in the city, never ride a motorcycle without your leather jacket or, better yet, sanity. They are waterproof and with a removable thermal lining for the summer, often with ventilation zippers. Also some gloves (ideal some for winter and others for summer). Choosing a helmet is an essential task, as it’s the main item that defends your head while riding. You choose to consider the type of the helmet, is it certified or not, its provided extra functions, such as motorcycle intercom systems, and another important aspect like helmet size.

Keep in mind that in any fall, even at very low speed, you can do a lot of damage without these elements.

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