3 Things To Consider Before Buying Designer Bags

Designer Bags

Fashion is one of the most critical aspects of one’s personality. Looks and appearance are what make up for the first impression of the person. Be it a small item like a watch or the whole dress. It becomes a part of the person. Many people see it as an expression of one’s thoughts too. There are many forms of clothes and accessories suited for different occasions, and it becomes vital to see it as a constantly evolving phenomenon. Out of the many accessories, bags for women stand out as unique for both utility and style. Designer Bags in NZ has seen a steady rise with innovative and exciting designers emerging in the market. Designers like Deadly Ponies, Saben, and Yu-Mei are some of the most popular brands in New Zealand pushing for creative bags. This article aims to provide information on what to look for when buying designer bags. After reading this, one can make wise decisions while choosing their designer bag.

Trendy or Timeless

Usually, brands release two types of bags in their collections. The first type is the classic bags that have been the face of the brand for years. They have made themselves a reputation that goes beyond a design house and has become a cultural relic. These bags aren’t restricted to season or trend, which makes them timeless and valuable.

The other type of bag is the seasonal bag that is the talk of the season in the fashion circles. These are released from season to season as collections that match with other fashion trends of the moment. These trends are better for flaunting and being up to date with the fashion sense, While classic bags can be carried all around the year with no limitations of being out of style.


An important decision that everyone has to make before buying a designer bag is to decide the use. What purpose will it serve in one’s life, and how good it can be to use it for that purpose. Mostly, the occasions are common scenarios such as work, travel, daily social life, or special occasions.

If one is buying their first designer bag, it is only reasonable to wear it frequently to have their personality shine through at social events. So it is better to buy a designer bag that is fit for daily life or even work so that it is used to its fullest extent. From outside lunch to shopping, their utility will make money worth it.

Designer Bags in NZ can also be safeguarded for special occasions to buy an expensive bag. They add an elegant touch to the outfit. They tend to prioritise design and fashion sense over their size and performance. If one can find their match for every occasion, then that’s the most worthy deal.


A handbag’s material can define many things, such as its look, style, and quality. A bag can be casual or dressy, daytime style or evening style, and durable or fluffy based on the material. Often, the same bags can be available in different materials. But the questions to ask are very clear. Factors such as the aging of the bag’s material, its durability, and water resistance can help simplify the choices. Untreated leather can be easily damaged with water, which should be avoided if one feels the danger.

And on the other hand, smooth leather is prone to scratches and scraping. These things can depend heavily on one’s treatment of bags and their functionality. For daily use, durable and resilient materials can do wonders. And as for bags suited for rare events, one can protect against damage with just some precautions.


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