3 Steps to Convert PPT to PDF Using PDFBear

3 Steps to Convert PPT to PDF Using PDFBear

A lot of people from students to working adults use PowerPoint to create their reports and presentations. Company owners and CEOs use this file format when presenting business proposals at any conference or meeting. The majority of teachers use it when delivering their lessons while students utilize it to complete projects and discuss their assigned topics in class. It has increasing popularity due to the implementation of work from home setup and online learning. People loved how it allows them to integrate different elements like animations, images, diagrams, and templates to create appealing presentations.

You might face issues with the formatting of your PowerPoint document when you share it with someone else online. Additionally, you might not at all attach it successfully in emails because of its large file size. To address these problems, you have to convert it into PDF using PDFBear.

3 easy steps to convert PPT to PDF using PFDBear

The majority of people refuse to use online tools to convert PPT to PDF because they think that it is time-consuming. They opt to install applications and software that took them days to master the process. They probably don’t know the existence of PDFBear, the go-to conversion tool of most people due to its streamlined and straightforward process. If you want to instantly convert files without waiting for hours, then give this website a try. Below are the 3 easy steps you have to follow when accessing the website.

Step 1. Upload the PowerPoint document you wish to turn into PDF

When you reach PDFBear.com, you have to click the PPT to PDF tool. Once it appears on your screen, it will ask you to upload the document you wish to turn to PDF. You can do it by clicking the select files button which will then allow you to browse through the long list of files in your document. To be more efficient, you can just search the file name instead of browsing. Another option to upload the PowerPoint document is by dragging and dropping it on the toolbox. The upload time can be as fast as possible if you have a strong internet connection. 

Step 2. The converter will automatically convert the PPT to PDF

After less than a minute of uploading the PowerPoint to the toolbox, you can still modify it by choosing from the options available. Proceed with the conversion process once satisfied with how the document looks like. It usually takes a few minutes depending on the file size. The larger the file, the longer the conversion process and vice versa. 

Step 3. Download the converted PDF file

After the conversion process, the converted PDF file will appear on your screen together with the shareable link. You can copy it if you want to share it on all your social media platforms. Otherwise, click the download button to save it on your device. If it can no longer entertain new documents due to full memory storage space, you may just save it on your google drive or dropbox account. 

Reasons why you should choose PDFBear

There are a lot of converters in the form of applications, software, and online tools. You might be wondering what makes PDFBear stand out from the rest of its competitors. To give you an idea, below is the list of the competitive edge of the website over all the other options you are considering using.

  1. Accessibility of the online platform

The majority of online tools, software, and applications require the use of a specific operating system, browser, and device to successfully access their services. It is inconvenient for someone with a limited number of devices. But that is not the case with PDFBear as it is compatible with all major operating systems like Mac, Linux, iOs, and Android,  and browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari. Additionally, it works well regardless of the device you are using. It only requires you to have a device with a reliable browser and a fast internet connection.

  1. Secure process of converting PPT to PDF

You might be hesitant to use the website because of the risk that your uploaded files will fall into the hands of hackers which would have detrimental effects on your reputation and image. Rest assured that you will not experience it as the website uses a secure process of converting PPT to PDF. It has 256-bit encryption technology which is one of the strongest security systems available today. Aside from that, it strictly implements a customer privacy policy that states that all files will be inaccessible even to the owners after an hour of uploading them on the server. 

  1. Provides high-quality converted PDF

Aside from providing a quick process of converting PPT to PDF, it also provides high-quality results. It will not alter any element you used in each of the slides. The website recognized the tremendous effort you exerted just to create enticing presentations. The elements like graphs, photos, texts, colors, and many others will have the same resolution and position as the original document. It guarantees you that the converted PDF will not contain any faded or unclear texts, twisted images, and unwanted changes that will make the content hard to read. Even if the website performs the conversion process in the fastest time possible, it will not sacrifice its quality and resolution.

  1. Free online converter

The best feature of the website is that it offers its services without any hidden charges. You can use the converter tool for free anytime and anywhere you are. But if you want to give yourself the best experience, you may avail any of its monthly subscription plans at an affordable price. Using a pro account saves you from facing limitations, restrictions, and advertisements when using its service. Besides that, you have the privilege to use unlimited storage space and convert documents with higher resolution.

In Conclusion

Transforming PPT to PDF is a piece of cake if you are using PDFBear. The process is extremely simple and you can perform it in just a few minutes. Access it now to know if the information listed above is true and correct!


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